CYD30A Tool Setter, Tool Calibrator, Breakage Detection, Machine Center CNC Tool Measure

Product Details

Model No. CYD30A
Diameter Ø20mm (0.787 in)
Power Supply 24V
Material Grinding superhard alloy
Direction -Z
Range 5mm (0.197 in)
Repeatability (2σ) <=0.002mm (80 μin)
Seal Grade IP68
Trigger Force 3N (306 gf, 10.79 ozf)
Stylus Lifetime >= 3 million times
Alarm of Overrun 4-4.5mm (0.157-0.177 in)

Applicable machines:CNC,engraving and milling machine. To detect CNC tool length, abrasion and breakage.

Dummy proof for power connection, miss connected 24V power supply won't damage the unit, though probe won't work. Strong electricity will damage the unit.

Sealed to work with most cooling liquid.

Feeding speed should be no more than 200mm/minute.

probe tool setter application